Brand Expression


Together with Nora Zamudio, Ron Miriello developed a series of vintage cycling shirts made from wool jerseys from another time, Miriello uses jerseys from the squads of Masi, Colnago, Molteni, SICI, DeRosa, Simoncini, Stelbel, Gianni Motta, Drali, Tommasini and other Italian cycling greats..



Visiting Italian steel-frame bicycle makers has been my preferred way of getting lost in Italy. Great makers like Cannatella, Marini, Tommasini, Faggin, and Simoncini have become acquaintances. In some cases, I can even say friends. Others, like Scorza, Chirico, Lazzeretti, and Marnati, are no more. Only their frames and jerseys remain behind to tell their stories.

It's hard to say why we’re attracted to certain objects, but wool cycling jerseys are high on my list. They tend to have bold quirky type, strong color, the touch of the maker, and murky untold stories. 

I met a woman named Nora Zamudio, a fashion designer and expert maker, who inspired an idea, a collaboration. Use select too-far-gone jerseys from my collection and give them a second life in a new design. No real plan, other than to play, following the instinct and for Nora and me to see what we could make together. Her talents led us to a series of new one-of-a-kind, custom-crafted T-shirts that suggest the glory days of steel-frame cycling. And … they don’t itch. Still figuring out what these want to become. But now, they’re real, staring at me every day and full of potential. Thanks to Nora.