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100 Miglia

Gravel riding is a bicycle category that encourages adventure cyclists to experience more than only paved roadways. Ron Miriello together with Claudio Marinangeli (Eroica Gaiole) and Marco Brunetti, organized the first gravel bicycle race in Italy. 100 Miglia is held annually in the Tuscan mountain village of Radicondoli, near Siena, Italy. 100 Miglia, or 100 miles, is an annual race that attracts cyclists from around Europe.


100 Miglia Race

100 Miles of Pain and Pleasures

Villages like Colle Val D’Elsa and Radicondoli, Italy, think they have an ingenious two-wheeled way to help bring people back into the countryside, a three-day annual cycling event called 100 Miglia. It’s a new style of bicycle racing called “gravel riding” a cross between street and mountain riding, a chance to see underused and pristine routes typically seen only by hunters and farmers.

Ron Miriello and Claudio Marinangeli, the event co-founders, saw 100 Miglia as an ideal way to show-off the region to people from all over the world. People interested in health, good food and sustainability, qualities the areas has lived by for centuries.

The 100-mile ride involves several towns as the route changes annually. “We want our area to continue to evolve, and we see cycling as a component of how we can preserve our special quality of life, by sharing it with others”, says local resident, Giovanna Hipting.,