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Torino with Auto Designer Roberto Giolito


Roberto Giolito came to Fiat as a young man from Ancona, trained as a graphic designer. Visiting him now as a proven, successful car designer and new auto museum curator, will be a visit to the other end of his broad career spectrum. Roberto has been responsible for the playful and controversial Fiat Multipla (which I have always loved) and more recently, with his reintroduction of the Fiat 500, a worldwide run-away success of the 500 line.

It will be a pleasure to walk with him through his newest creation, a vast new automobile museum for FIAT, Lancia and Abarth called The The Heritage Hub, located within the historic Mirafiori plant in Torino. Inside, are housed the best from Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Abarth and Lancia. In total, there are 250 cars on display that FCA calls it’s “historic gems” of the company.

For me it will be an opportunity to ramp-up on the auto-stories of Torino as we get ready for our September Italianways Travel tour of Italian automobile history.

Having time with Roberto in his cavernous new museum, seeing the highlight vehicles of the past decades, is a unique opportunity to get an education from the very best.