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The ItalianWays - Auto Designer Tour | May 14-21


I met Carlo Angelini in his studio near the Coliseum in the mid 1980’s. He’s probably my personal favorite designer in all the whole world with a way of decoding and replaying Italian style in the most artful of ways. So when Carlo talks you listen, “Ron I want you to help me. I think people are hungry to see the Italy you’ve been uncovering over the decades of wandering around. I want you to be the ambassador for a new idea called ItalianWays Travel. A kind of intimate designers look at what makes Italy special.”

The first ItalianWays Travel visit is real. The Roar of Italian Heritage is a week long romp to visit designers of Italy’s most iconic cars, Michelotti, Gandini, Studio Bertone and Giolito. Designers who penned the Lamborghini Miura, the Ferrari 250 MM, the Alfa Romeo BAT series. Entry to small private collections and to the big Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese. All of it starting in Brescia for Day #1 of the Mille Miglia. You can’t say no to Carlo. Please come too. We’ll discover together.