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Colorado State University Announces RED AGAIN


30 years after the AIGA Soviet Poster Show launched the AIGA/SD Chapter in 1989, the poster exhibition is heading to Colorado State University in Ft Collins, Colorado in fall 2019 for the RED AGAIN art and culture exhibit. The collection of Soviet Posters originally collected by Ron Miriello and CSU design professor Philip Risbeck depict the Soviet Union of the 1980’s, a time of Gorbechev and Glastnost and Perestroika.

A subset of the almost 100 original posters will travel to CSU as part of a collective art exhibition called RED AGAIN and in recognition of the retirement of long-time design department chairman and professor Philip Risbeck. It was Risbeck, an internationally recognized poster artist and judge, who secured the original posters from the USSR to be sent to the San Diego Chapter of the AIGA at a time where such collaboration was rare. The works live now in a time of new global politic and with new significance, as professor Risbeck and Miriello lecture about their history, current role and significance. RED AGAIN will run from October 17 - November 1, 2019 in Ft. Collins, CO.