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Francesco Toledo and The Instituto De Artes Graficas De Oaxaca Mexico


Oaxaca Mexico has a profound tradition in the arts, crafts and in the use of images to create social change. Francesco Toledo is an artist and major force in the Oaxaca and Mexico arts scene, having initiated multiple world-class arts institutes. Among them is the Instituto De Artes Graficas De Oaxaca, where I met Mr. Toledo and graphic designer Elmer Sosa at the opening of their most recent poster exhibition against racism and violence. I’m including a few of the snapshots here from the afternoon together in the plaza and gallery at the Instituto.

Our discussion turned to The Soviet Poster Show and its similar themes connected to social change and street protest. Curator Inari Resendiz is reviewing the collection in consideration for exhibition in Oaxaca in 2020/2021. That occasion would be a reason to bring American designers and AIGA/San Diego members to Oaxaca. I’m hopeful this comes together and we will share The Soviet Poster Show with the people of Oaxaca. Stay tuned. -rm