Brand Expression


Creating Lyricism in a Opened Minded Village


Viviana Insacco and her husband Alessandro live in Radicondoli near Siena. They operate a bottega making home wares, lamps and creative pieces they sell under the store name, AMMOS. They also had the idea for a summer event in this Tuscan mountain place, a way to bring artists to work, collaborate and leave behind artworks that bring a lyrical pleasure to the town. They called it Radicondoli Onirica!. Over a prosecco, Viviana asked me, “Ron, why not come with your artist friends and be part of the 2019…let’s make it international.”

Let’s see what comes from that prosecco. I can tell already, it’s not a hard concept for artists to hitch onto. “…tell me when”. Brava Viviana and Ale.