Brand Expression


California By Design. Bicycles for a Better San Diego.


Together with The San Diego Bicycle Coalition, we have initiated funding efforts to renovate Building 191 in Liberty Station (a former Navy training center), into a community-wide bicycling center. It’s a big vision that is going to take some heavy lifting and fund-raising to pull off. I invited the New School of Architecture and Design, to use the Bicycle Center as a summer class assignment in their California By Design program. The program allows design students to work on real-world projects and solve real design problems. The class visited the site, did interviews to understand the vision for the project and the research necessary to begin approaching the architecture, interior and branding of the site. Together with professors Bruce Matthes and Dario Miticocchio, the class pushed students to integrate their ideas with their team-mates and together make end-of-project presentations of their best thinking. An ideal way to move beyond classroom theory and into the real world of designing solutions their community can begin to use. The center got some fresh perspectives on ways to make this non-profit center come together.

A few images from the California By Design class: